Why buy from us?

Our staff takes the time to research each and every property we offer for sale. We concentrate our efforts on finding you the best home-site lots and acreage for the most affordable price. Whether you want to finance your property or pay cash, we will work hard to find the best property for your budget or investment needs. When you make your purchase through Government Land Sales, Inc. you will feel comfortable knowing you are getting the very best land for your money.

How can you sell so cheap?

We believe in helping others realize the dream of property ownership. Therefore, we prefer to sell multiple properties at reasonable prices rather than fewer properties at inflated prices. We want to see you own land!

How did you get your name?

When we began we only purchased raw land from government agencies. For the most part this still holds true today.

Are the pictures of the actual property?

YES! We make an effort to visit every parcel we purchase. If there are pictures listed in the individual ad, they are of the actual property (unless otherwise noted).

Are you a realtor?

No, real estate agents represent the interest of the buyer and/or seller. We do not represent anyone. We own everything we have listed for sale.

I see a piece of land that I might be interested in purchasing. Can I put a hold on it while I do some more research?

Yes, please see our financing page for more information on holding a parcel.

What is due diligence?

Due diligence is defined as the research you do prior to entering into the sales contract. We strongly encourage all prospective buyers to their research on the parcel they are interested in PRIOR to entering into a contract for deed.

Is the property surveyed?

The majority of property was surveyed when it was originally platted, however there is no guarantee those markers still exist. However, some properties we have listed do have survey markers. We do our best to provide GPS coordinates to all property to help you locate it (these are approximate but extremely accurate). Should you begin to use the property or consider improving (building), we highly recommend obtaining a professional survey and having the corners pinned.

I am purchasing a piece of land through you on payments, but I see one you have listed that I like better. Can I trade parcels?

In most cases, yes, you may trade for a property of equal or greater value. Please call us to discuss your options. We do charge a non-refundable $299 transfer fee if you decide to continue with the trade.

Do you offer a cash discount?

We do have more flexibility on a cash purchase. Please call our office to discuss your offer.

Are the taxes current on your properties? Who pays them while I am making payments?

All parcels we sell are current on taxes with no back taxes owed. If you finance your property purchase with us we will pay taxes as they are billed and invoice you for reimbursement while you are making payments. After the deed has been transferred you will be responsible for paying property taxes directly.

Is there a pre-payment penalty?

No, we do not charge a prepayment penalty. At any point you may simply call us for a payoff, no fees will be assessed.

Will you sell our land for us?

No, we only sell property we own. If you would like to sell your property, please visit the tab titled “Sell Us Your Property”, fill out the form, and we will be in contact to try to negotiate a fair price for both of us.

Do you charge a document fee?

Yes, we charge a nominal non-refundable document fee for every parcel we sell. Please visit the Financing section for more information.

How do we receive the gift card listed in an advertisement we saw on the Internet?

If you see an ad indicating you can receive a gift card just for visiting one of our properties, please call our office with the property ID# and we will give you instructions on how to claim your card.

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